The Mind of Christ

“Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:34)

I have to admit up front that this post began to write itself in the days following our learning of Anthony Bourdain’s suicide.  Having lost several people to suicide and having been prone to depression at different stages of my life, suicide has been on my mind and on my heart for many years.  Suicide.  It results from a pain so deep and so intense that there is no escape from it for the body or the mind. The body, which is actually programmed to always preserve itself, has no voice in the matter; or perhaps the body allows it to happen as the remedy for the pain. In either case, the mind takes over completely and in a moment, a life, a light, a child, a spouse, a friend…. is gone.

Most of us come into this world with a limbic system that is damaged.  Within this system we hold generations of trapped emotions that were experienced by our ancestors. As we take our first breathe in life, these emotions have an effect on how we communicate, act, and interact with the world around us and they also affect the way our physical bodies work (or don’t work).  In addition, as we go through our own life experiences, as we experience our own shocks and/or traumas, and engage in a lifestyle that is not compatible with our nature, the associated emotions may also become trapped within our minds and our bodies to create a heavier load for the limbic system to bear. 

God, our Creator, our Father, knows this about His children so He sent us His Son. He sent us Jesus so that we might learn how to lighten the load and bring light to where there is darkness. Jesus came to heal us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. A Christian knows that with every cross we bear in faith, there is hope for a resurrection. However, we do need to be actively seeking resolution.

Actively seeking to wear the mind of Christ will override the messages that are trapped within the limbic system. I encourage you to read and pray over 1 Corinthians 2:14-16 and listen to what Our Lord puts onto your heart. When we ask Jesus to walk with us, when we spend time with Him in prayer by reading scripture, and when we ask Him to “take the wheel”, we are transformed.  Those pre-programmed messages in the limbic system (or what some may call “demons”) are silenced. This is our most important strategy for achieving and maintaining emotional and physical health. This is not about religion or doctrine.  It is about meeting and getting to know Jesus.  Jesus will transform your life in a way NO OTHER human being who has ever walked the earth is able to do. 

However, through the years I have come to understand that for many people the physical connection to Jesus is compromised or completely missing. We all have God’s DNA within us at all times and because of this, it should be within our nature to seek out a relationship with Him. Understanding this knowledge, I have a strong feeling that there could actually be a trapped message within the limbic system that keeps this sacred connection either from being fully established or perhaps through the generations, the physical connection may have been destroyed.  Through healing prayer, I know that it is possible to silence any message that separates us from God and that any and all physical connections may be repaired and restored.   So what happens when someone is so compromised that they are unable or unwilling to pray? 

God makes all things possible and if we search in His name, we will always find a way forward.

Bioenergetic assessment, (or as I like to call it…technology that God gives us so that we may help one another), gives us the ability to look for and find connections that are missing within the physical and emotional body.  We use this technology to find the best physical and energetic strategies to neutralize, silence, repair. and restore the missing or compromised connections. It’s amazing really… someday science will fully embrace this gift from God but in the meantime, little miracles are taking place every day unbeknownst to most.  Not everything in this physical world can be easily explained.  However, when one walks in faith, there is a peace that assures us that we are headed in the right direction. If the direction we are going in has the potential to bring us closer to Him by sharing the mind of Christ, then demons are silenced, and peace overcomes ones body, mind, and soul and those of our families and friendships.  With outcomes like these, I think we are doing good work. 

“Had you walked in the way of God,/ you would have dwelt in enduring peace.” (Bar 3:13)

About Christina's Healthy Choices

I am passionate about helping others reclaim the health and vitality that we are all entitled to. I will share with you the choices I make that contribute to my good health and the health of my family.
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